Mechanical installations & services

·         Technical specs preparation

·      Technical implementation inspections

·      System scans

·      Air-conditioning installations

·      Cooling systems

·      Heating en ventilation systems

·      Base floor and low temperature heating

·      Hot and cold water installations

·      Gas installation

·      Drain and sewage systems

·      Building sprinkler systems for fire protection

·      Ventilation systems

·      Compressed air systems

·      Control systems

Electrical installations & services

·          Technical specs preparation

·      Technical installation inspections

·      System scan

·      Load analyses and load shedding

·      Lighting installations

·      Telephone and data systems

·      Fire protection systems

·      Lightning protection systems

·      Sound systems

·      Elderly care system

·      Communication system

·      Intercom and video phone

·      Domotica (building automation)

·      Access control system

·      Elevators

·      Close circuit television (CCTV)


·         Specs preparation smarter systems

·     Upgrade rooftop and split air-conditioning systems to increase efficiency

·     Upgrade chiller systems  to increase efficiency

·     Introduce smart applications such as PCM technology to existing systems

·     Automate existing systems

·     Upgrade existing high and low voltage electrical installations

·     Upgrade logistic and material flow in existing processes

·     Intergrade several disciplines such as agriculture, feed stock, food processing and technology



As labor costs are the major cost in life cycle analyses of a building (90%) and 60 to 80 % of our building energy demand is due to thermal loads, both the health aspects within buildings (internal climate) and the heating/air-conditioning systems should be closely reviewed.

Integrated plants in the total project or building design results in a healthier indoor climate, happier people with less sick leave and higher productivity. Based on the life cycle of each building, upgrading the indoor climate will result in a huge win.

On the other hand more and more effort is being put in storing thermal heat to satisfy thermal load instead of storing electrical energy to satisfy thermal load in a later period. This approach leads to higher efficiency and costs reduction as well.



There are several options to satisfy electrical and thermal loads of our project and buildings. The follow options can be applied by us:

Energy management

·        Technical building survey

·    Energy quick scan & efficiency boost analyses

·    Analysis of energy usage of the traditional installations & processes as well as new ‘green’ technologies.

·    Total organization and building health scan base on the “No Waste Principle”

·    Feasibility studies

·    Recommendation & advice for improved efficiency and cost cutting

·    Setting up renewable energy projects

Electrical load

·         Solar panels

·     Wind mills

·     Led lighting fixtures

·     Steam turbine-generator

Thermal load

·         Geothermal heat pumps

·      Solar boilers and heaters

·      PCM heating and cooling

·      Evaporative cooling

·      Absorption cooling

·      Solar cooking

·      Solar cooling

·      Energy recovery systems


·      Exploratory research & pre-analyses on behalf of a business startup

·    Productivity/efficiency scans of current business systems,     processes & operations, including logistics and material flow

·    Preliminary estimates

·    Negotiations

·    Feasibilities studies

·    Management and support at project implementation, including building construction management

·    Plant engineering designs, specifications and consultancy work

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