Transforming our energy world

about us

Blue engineers Inc. is founded by Erney Errol Pinas, holistic engineer, renewable energy & indoor climate specialist, inventor and entrepreneur, with 30+ years international experience in Europe (mainly the Netherlands), Caribbean, USA, South America & Asia.

Erney is the founder and former owner of engineering company Sanes B.V. and renewable energy company Du-E-Co B.V. in the Netherlands. Over the years, Erney has led many companies, including his own, and executed in total more than 2,000 commercial projects within a wide-ranging spectrum of technical installations, with a focus on renewable energy. He is also a builder and inventor of machines, equipment & installations, as well as holder of several Dutch and European patents on renewable energy.

With the inventions, renewable energy patents and renewable energy projects that Erney brought to his former companies, Sanes and Du-E-Co, they were pioneers in renewable energy at the time in the Netherlands. Together, they contributed to setting a powerful stage for a renewable energy-based economy in the Netherlands.

Today, the Netherlands is one of the front runners according to the UN, that is well on track to being able to meet the 2030 GLOBAL GOALS for sustainable development.


Embracing a bold vision to be on the cutting edge of transforming the current energy systems to more sustainable integrated ‘green’ technologies, holds great potential for the USA and other countries of the world.

This bold vision can lead us into a new energy era, lifting up our local economies and being powerful players in the global economy. Great visionary leadership is paramount so that we can commit to a sustainable future for all.

As a relatively recent immigrant to the USA (2018), Erney is enthusiastic to contribute to this all-important global shift toward more sustainable renewable energy technologies.


For more about our main areas of focus, please see OUR SERVICES and for a glimpse of executed projects, please visit PORTFOLIO.

Technologies applied over the last 30+ years:

  • HVAC and MEP systems
  • Geothermal systems with vertical and horizontal loops
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Thermal fresh air heating system
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Biomass energy
  • PCM heating & climate control (radiant heat floor system)
  • Fast food energy recovery system
  • Thermal Solar Energy systems
  • PV solar systems