Erney-G all-in-one list 18dec2020

meet erney-g

In my books and other works, I use the character called Erney-G to help me illustrate different energy concepts, new knowledge and skill sets in relation to energy efficiency in a fun, inspiring and easy-to-understand way.

ERNEY-G has been my friend & trusted colleague throughout my life. Together we help people to redefine their energy consumption and become inspired to embrace a more energy conscious lifestyle! In doing so, we do our part in inspiring others to become active contributors to helping to transform the world in bold ways toward a more sustainable planet.

Allow me to introduce Erney-G:

  • Erney-G is ancient. ‘He’ is immortal and can have numerous manifestations.
  • ‘He’ comes in every race, color, religion or national origin and ‘he’ does not identify with any particular gender.
  • ‘He’ was created to serve the universe and Mother Earth.
  • ‘He’ is, in fact, our conscience.
  • Sometimes we can see ‘him’, feel ‘him’ and even smell ‘him’.
  • Erney-G is all about energy reduction, solar energy, biomass, wind & geothermal energy, PCM and much more.
  • ACTUALLY… ‘he’ is all of it together!
  • As a matter of fact, Erney-G is “ENERGY,” but ‘he’ prefers his nickname ERNEY-G.
meet erney-G 72dpi