Transforming our energy world

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The focal point of Blue Engineers and former companies of lead engineer, Erney Errol Pinas, over the past two decades has been on making existing buildings, installations, and processes more energy efficient and helping government departments at different levels, businesses, factories, schools, NGO’s, home and building owners shift toward sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

Following are our main areas of focus, which apply to factories, businesses, homes & buildings, education- and training facilities, etc. Related advisory trajectories at the government and business levels are also important elements under the various areas of focus.

1. Making existing buildings, factories, homes, installations, equipment, appliances, and processes more energy efficient.

  • Energy and business scans based in custom-designed frameworks.
  • Energy preservation & energy recovery with special attention to insulate the building envelope and functioning of the HVAC system.
  • Help re-design systems for optimal indoor air quality given the current and post COVID-19 situation.
  • Assessing/diagnosing the current HVAC situation/status in buildings as a basis for custom designing a blueprint for the transformation to more sustainable systems.
  • Develop strategies and plans for governments to renovate existing buildings and technical installations toward more energy efficiency and integrated renewable energy systems.
  • Integrating (holistic) renewable energy technologies in existing HVAC systems and buildings, including introducing sufficient fresh air to dilute and remove pollutants.
  • Review/adapting standards and legislation based on sustainability and renewable energy technology.

2. Introducing and executing holistic and integrated renewable energy solutions for new buildings, projects, and processes (Geothermal, PV, Solar thermal, biomass, etc.)

  • 21st century HVAC systems with energy recovery and building management systems to secure optimal energy efficiency.
  • Integrating (holistic) renewable energy technologies.
  • Free energy Cooling-Heating and energy storage systems.
  • Low temperature renewable energy heating.
  • Ventilation systems with sufficient fresh air.
  • Guiding engineers and technicians in the design process of integrated renewable energy technology systems.
  • Guiding contractors, engineers, and technicians during the execution process of integrated renewable energy projects.
  • Training contractors, architects, engineers, and technicians in applying custom designed frameworks to establish consistent optimal resultS.

3. Empowering startup entrepreneurs, including young people, in building small– and medium size production-oriented businesses (e.g., based on Low Investment– High Yield & other models)

  • Renewable energy products assembly and production.
  • Small-medium scale food processing business powered by renewable energy.
  • High volume food processing factories powered by renewable energy.
  • Renewable energy powered businesses in general.
  • Practical business skills coaching programs.
  • Assembling and producing low-medium tech products.