Transforming our energy world

sustainability frameworks

Blue Engineers has custom developed systems & tools to help support and enhance the execution process in a sustainable holistic approach. The following tools apply to different areas of sustainability:

  • The No Waste Principle
  • The Low Investment-High Yield sustainable growth & development model
  • The 7 Step Holistic Energy Framework
  • The Sustainable Building Framework
  • The Energy Scan Framework
  • The Total Business Scan Framework

"Success is determined by the ability to visualize the future and to change directions while you're building your dream."

--Erney Errol Pinas

The No Waste Principle


The No Waste Principle is a total holistic approach of caring about humanity, our environment and society. It helps us avoid waste, have no spillage, make and use existing buildings, processes & installations, equipment & appliances more energy efficient. It also promotes optimal use of all resources, including human resources as well as redefining the energy production and use by humans.

The No Waste Principle is just that set of glasses or framework to help us keep the total holistic perspective in mind & heart, as we move from strategy into collaborative, focused & disciplined execution for saving our planet…

In my forthcoming book, Transforming our Energy World (TEW), I go into depth about this foundational No Waste Principle for sustainable growth and development.

The Low Investment-High Yield sustainable growth & development model


The Low Investment-High Yield sustainable growth & development model is a proven method to create high leverage, abundance and added value by optimal, holistic & integrated use of all available resources, and basic levels of technology & financing.

The model/framework impacts the community and world around us, and is an excellent tool for sustainable growth at the micro (individuals/households), meso (businesses/ commercial/NGOs) and macro-level (Governments/Communities/Countries).

The 7 Step Holistic Energy Framework


The 7-STEP holistic energy framework is a powerful tool in successfully achieving holistic energy efficiency in and around your home or building, while at the same time adopting an energy conscious lifestyle.

The framework is particularly useful for existing homes & buildings to enhance energy efficiency and cut energy costs massively, while at the same time reducing CO2 emission.

The Energy Scan Framework


The Energy Scan Framework takes a holistic look at energy consumption with focus on all the different aspects of sustainability, including process and human behavior.

The framework is aimed at energy efficiency and massive reduction of energy consumption, while applying new integrated ‘green’ technologies and making existing traditional buildings, installations, processes & systems ‘smarter’ and more efficient.



The Sustainable Building Framework is a very useful and powerful instrument in the building/construction process of new buildings to achieve holistic collaborative design & construction of homes and buildings by all major disciplines.

The framework stimulates collaborative involvement and commitment from start to end of the building or remodeling process, while creating energy efficient, mold-free healthy buildings.

The Total Business Scan Framework


The Total Business Scan Framework facilitates the execution of a holistic assessment of a business, anchored in the No Waste Principle. The focus is to holistically reduce cost components of all aspects in the business & increase overall efficiency, with optimal business result @ the core.