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The following free resources are part of the interactive energy efficiency journey through your home as detailed in the Outsmarting your Energy Bill book. In Outsmarting your Energy Bill, we aim to help you embrace a more energy efficient lifestyle, while achieving energy reduction in your home anywhere between 20% - 65% and creating more discretionary income. Although best used as part of this shift toward energy efficiency, most of the resources can, however, successfully be used on their own.


This resource is specifically related to the Outsmarting your Energy Bill energy efficiency journey. It helps you to determine your starting point in your energy efficiency journey.

Weatherizing your home reduces energy consumption and enhances energy efficiency. It is a crucial exercise to seal holes in your building envelope and install insulation in wall, above ceilings and underneath floors for reducing your energy bill and help safe our planet.

By staying aware of changes in the outside temperature, you can learn to add in the dimension of night-time ventilation cooling. Night-time ventilation cooling is a healthy habit that helps improve the indoor air quality of your home, and it helps reduce energy consumption.

Indoor climate control is essential for our health and well-being as humans. Air-conditioning plays an important role in this equation, especially in the southern part of the USA, in tropical areas and in the summer. It is of importance to service your air-conditioning system periodically not only for your health and well-being, but also for managing your energy bill.

The gas furnace plays an important role as part of the support system for a proper indoor climate. Servicing your furnace periodically not only helps secure proper indoor climate and comfort, but it also helps avoid dangerous and hazardous situations. Another important factor is that a well-maintained gas furnace reduces your energy consumption and as such reduces your energy bill.

Servicing your furnace periodically helps secure proper indoor conditions and helps avoid dangerous and hazardous situations. On top of that, a well-maintained oil furnace will reduce your energy consumption and as such reduce your energy bill.

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This free resource helps you to keep an overview and stay on track with your Outsmarting Your Energy Bill energy efficiency journey as you work toward building a more energy conscious lifestyle. It is your accountability partner, consciousness and at the same time a tool of inspiration to eventually shift direction and optimize your results.