Transforming our energy world


Blue Engineers’ founder and lead engineer, Erney Errol Pinas, has always shared his knowledge and experience over the years with other upcoming engineers, professional colleagues, contractors, clients and even competitors.

His dedication to a variety of renewable energy technologies and integrated sustainable systems, was crucial in the early 2000 for the success of his (previously owned) engineering company Sanes B.V. and renewable energy company DUECO B.V. in the Netherlands.

As early adopters & pioneers in the field of renewable energy, these two companies, led by Erney Errol Pinas, contributed significantly to the establishment of the renewable energy economy that is further unfolding right now in the Netherlands (Europe).

Throughout his career, he has given many lectures & trainings, as well as written numerous specs and several practically oriented articles, focused on helping to transform the energy business. Over the years, he has also developed several patents aligned with the idea of a sustainable circular economy and renewable energy technologies.

His motive in all this, has been to help spread the practical knowledge & wisdom on how to transform into a sustainable world by rethinking our energy production and energy use, while tapping into the abundance of renewable energy resources.

The following sections give you an overview of the books as well as patents from Blue Engineers’ founder and lead engineer, Erney Errol Pinas, that are especially relevant for today’s shifting world economy. There are also several valuable free resources available for download.




Outsmarting your energy bill

Learn to embrace a more energy efficient lifestyle, achieve energy reduction in your home from anywhere between 20% - 65% and create more discretionary income.

Outsmarting your Energy Bill is a full-color and well-illustrated book that takes you on an interactive energy efficiency journey through your home. It helps you redefine your energy consumption and the way you see your home, equipment, and appliances from an energy efficiency perspective.

The author, Erney Errol Pinas, is a holistic engineer, renewable energy and indoor climate specialist, inventor, and entrepreneur. He wrote the book from a very personal perspective, and it is clearly a work of passion and intense sharing from the heart. He introduces the fun-filled character Erney-G, which is a playful reshuffling of the word ENERGY. Together, they bring the new knowledge and skill set in relation to energy efficiency in a fun and inspiring way.

Although the design of this book is unique, playful and joyful, it covers the functionality of the building envelope, installations and appliances in detail as stations in an interactive journey to acquire knowledge and skills, while reducing your energy costs. Stations include, for example, the building envelope & components, Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC), the washer, dryer, the refrigerator, and the electric cooktop.

The book addresses daily problems with your building envelope, technical installations and appliances and presents potential practical solutions. It also offers background information, DIY guides and tools that can be downloaded for free from the engineering webpage of the author. The author suggests that readers start within their own circle of influence, namely, their home, to make significant changes that not only help serve themselves but also their communities and the world at large.

Throughout the book, the author helps us see that when we act locally, there is an impact globally. He helps us understand that by doing our part; we become active contributors in helping transform the world in bold ways toward a more sustainable humanity and planet earth as set forth by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Goals to create a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Imagine the impact on a world scale and on global warming if every household would cut their energy consumption by only 20%–30% with the easy to take measures presented in this book.

As an added-value you will learn practical ways to re-invest your newly achieved savings into starting new and sustainable (small) businesses based on the proven, custom-developed Low Investment-High Yield™ sustainable growth& development model.

Finally, this book is also very applicable as a learning strategy in schooling systems. Complicated issues are presented in easy to understand and apply routines and solutions that are at the fingertips of the reader accompanied by several how-to guides. The use of note making throughout the text enables readers of all ages to be action-oriented, which is critical to move to energy consciousness.

TEW book set SM

transforming our energy world

(Forthcoming book)

Transforming our Energy World (TEW) book set, volumes 1 & 2, is a full-color, well-illustrated, easy-to-read set of books on how to enhance energy efficiency and energy reduction in your home or business and how to apply renewable energy technologies from a practical perspective. In this forthcoming book, author Erney Errol Pinas goes into greater depth on these different technologies, their applications as well as the power of integration. The power of renewable energy is truly unleashed and efficiency maximized when integrating these systems in holistic ways.

  • Volume 1 is intended for both the general public (including students), the home- and building owners, business owners as well as engineers and technical specialists & contractors.
  • Volume 2 is indispensable for the engineers, technical specialists & contractors, but also the home or building owner, business owner and students who want to go deeper.

The TEW book set is a culmination of more than 30 years of international engineering and experience that is put at your fingertips for instant amazing results. Below you can get a glimpse of some of the pages covered in the TEW book set.




Erney-G's ALL-IN-ONE list

The world market is full of millions of tools, products, appliances and equipment, while our houses and buildings are overwhelmed with millions of outdated appliances & equipment that will have to be replaced by more energy efficient ones. It is difficult to know what, where and when to buy. With 30+ years of experience, Erney-G and Blue Engineer's lead engineer, Erney Errol Pinas, offer some suggestions on Erney-G's ALL-IN-ONE list to enhance your energy efficiency journey & lifestyle, including sustainability & renewable energy products.